Stand Up Paddle Lessons

SUP (STAND UP PADDLE) is a traditional sport from Hawaii, which works on Strength, Balance, Coordination, Muscular and Cardiovascular Endurance

In recent years it has become a growing sport, very easy to learn and is a great outdoor activity that stimulates the mind and body. SUP has a fast and fun learning, where you can do an intensive training all at the same time.

SUP can be practiced in still water (Flat Water) or in waves, it is a sport where you work your legs, feet, arms, neck and abs.
SUP can be practiced by everyone, from children, to adults and seniors, just know how to swim and be at ease in the water.

When practicing SUP, we are on top of an unstable platform, where muscle work is intense in the legs and Core zone, causing a very large loss of calories, both in initiation practitioners and in more experienced. It also helps to prevent injuries to the knees and ankles.




Muscular and cardiovascular resistance;

Motor coordination;

Did you know that you can now book your stand up paddle lessons online for the summer?


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