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Private Surf Lessons: Learn to Surf with Personalized Instruction

Private surf lessons unveil a personalized pathway to embracing the art of surfing. In these lessons, a dedicated surf master provides you with unparalleled attention, accelerating your progress and challenging you to face fears and overcome barriers.

The magic of private surf lessons lies in their customization. The instructor’s focused guidance provides you with immediate feedback and fine-tuning to hone your surfing technique, translating into a more swift and effective advancement compared to group lessons. Moreover, private lessons create a safe haven for facing fears and challenges, cultivating your confidence and helping you surpass limitations.

During a private surf lesson, the instructor’s complete dedication is all yours, providing meticulous guidance on paddling techniques, balance on the board, and the correct positioning to catch waves. The instructor will also share crucial tips to refine your surfing technique.

When opting for a private surf instructor, consider their experience, qualifications, and reputation. Checking references and seeking recommendations from other surfers can be key to a successful choice.

To dive into surf lessons, it’s essential to be adequately equipped. The essentials include a surfboard suitable for your level, a leash to attach the board to your ankle, wax to improve grip on the board, and a neoprene suit for protection and thermal insulation.

The best time to participate in surf lessons may vary according to wave conditions and weather. Consulting surf forecasts and dialoguing with local instructors can be of great help to choose the ideal moment to surf.

As for the recommended beaches for private surf lessons, these may vary depending on location. However, beaches with gentler waves and sandy bottoms are ideal for beginners, while beaches with larger and more challenging waves are more suitable for advanced surfers.

Main Highlights:

  • Private Surf Lessons offer exclusive instructor focus, providing faster advancement and the chance to face fears and overcome challenges.
  • For a private surf lesson, having the right equipment such as a surfboard, leash, wax, and neoprene suit is indispensable.
  • The best time for surf lessons may vary, and it’s crucial to choose recommended beaches for private lessons, where maritime conditions are favorable.

What are Private Surf Lessons?

Private surf lessons are individualized surf sessions, where an instructor works one-on-one with you. These lessons offer personalized attention, allowing the instructor to focus on specific needs. They are ideal for those learning to surf or for more experienced surfers aiming to perfect their skills. During the lessons, the instructor can provide tips, correct techniques, and help improve balance and coordination. They offer a unique and accelerated learning experience for all levels of skill. Try private surf lessons to hone your skills in the water or to get a comprehensive introduction to surfing if you’re a beginner. Take advantage of receiving individualized attention from an experienced instructor while enjoying the waves.
What are the benefits of taking Private Surf Lessons?

What are the benefits of taking Private Surf Lessons?

Discover the fascinating benefits of venturing into private surf lessons! With the dedicated attention of the instructor, it’s possible to progress quickly and face fears to overcome challenges that previously seemed insurmountable. Delight in accelerated progress as you learn to surf with confidence and dexterity. Absorb data and fact-based teachings that prove the efficacy of these lessons. Prepare yourself for a unique adventure and allow surfing to elevate you to new heights of fun and skill on the waves!

Personalized Attention from the Instructor

Receiving personalized attention from the instructor is one of the supreme privileges of private surf lessons. The instructor can focus solely on you, shaping the instructions and providing individualized feedback. This directed attention facilitates a faster and more effective progress, helping you develop specific skills and correct mistakes with greater precision. Moreover, the exclusive attention from the instructor allows facing fears and overcoming challenges in a more serene and encouraging manner. Private surf lessons are the perfect choice for those seeking personalized learning and an individualized teaching experience.

Faster Progress

Private surf lessons are the springboard for swifter progress. Thanks to the personalized attention from the instructor, the opportunity to face fears and overcome challenges, and the possibility of having lessons adapted to your pace, the path to perfecting your surfing becomes more straightforward and exciting. During private surf lessons, the instructor focuses on your needs and areas of improvement, thereby accelerating the learning process. Additionally, immediate feedback and real-time error correction allow you to hone your technique more quickly and effectively. Lastly, private lessons provide a safe and supportive environment, encouraging you to challenge yourself and reach your maximum potential in surfing.

Face Fears and Overcome Challenges

  1. Identify fears: Recognize what specific fears are barring your progress in surfing.
  2. Build confidence: The instructor will help you develop techniques to face and overcome fears, like proper breathing and positive visualization.
  3. Gradual progress: The instructor will work with you at a comfortable pace, gradually increasing the level of difficulty of the surfing activities.
  4. Personalized challenges: The instructor will create challenges tailored to your individual needs, allowing you to surpass yourself and realize that you can face and overcome your fears.
  5. Celebrate achievements: As you face your fears and overcome challenges, it’s vital to celebrate your achievements to keep the motivation and inspiration alive.

Private Surf Lessons

What to Expect from a Private Surf Lesson?

A private surf lesson is your golden opportunity to learn to surf or enhance your skills under the attentive guidance of an experienced instructor. During the lesson, you’ll receive personalized instructions, directed corrections to improve your technique, and valuable tips to transform yourself into a more competent surfer. Besides, the instructor will ensure your safety in the waters, teaching about the sea conditions, the correct way to paddle, and how to enter and exit waves with dexterity. A private surf lesson is the perfect scenario for faster and more effective learning, entirely molded to your needs and abilities.

How to Choose a Private Surf Instructor?

The choice of a private surf instructor can be a decisive milestone in your progress and safety on the waves. Here are some precious tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Experience: Verify if the instructor has a solid background in surfing and the art of teaching, ensuring proper and effective instruction.
  • Certification: Make sure the instructor holds recognized certifications, such as from the Portuguese Surf Federation.
  • Teaching style: Observe if the instructor has a teaching style that aligns with your pace and learning method.
  • Good references: Look for recommendations or references from other students to get a sense of the instructor’s teaching quality.
  • Personal chemistry: Ensure there’s good rapport between you and the instructor, for a pleasant and productive learning experience.

With a private surf instructor by your side, you’re ready to face the waves with confidence and joy. Private lessons are the ideal vehicle to transport you on a journey of discovery and evolution in the fascinating world of surfing. Through the expert guidance and continuous encouragement of your instructor, you’re paving the way to surfing mastery, enjoying every wave with a smile on your face and an indomitable spirit. Prepare for the journey of a lifetime on the waves, with private surf lessons empowering you to reach surfing perfection. Have fun on the waves, celebrate each progress, and surf towards the horizon of endless possibilities the ocean offers you!

What Equipment is Necessary for Surf Lessons?

Unveil the crucial equipment for your surf lessons: the surfboard, the leash, the wax, and the surf suit. Equip yourself rigorously to dive into the vibrant universe of the waves!


In selecting the surfboard, it’s vital to consider your level of dexterity, surfing style, and the wave conditions where you plan to surf. There are various types of surfboards, such as longboards, funboards, and shortboards, each suitable for different types of surfers and wave conditions. Additionally, the size of the surfboard is also relevant, as larger boards provide more stability, while smaller boards are more agile. Choosing the right surfboard can make all the difference in your surfing adventure.
Intriguing fact: The longest surfboard ever recorded was a staggering 42 feet and 1 inch in length.


The leash, also referred to as “shop,” is an indispensable item for surfing. It’s a polyurethane strap that connects the surfboard to the surfer’s ankle. Its primary mission is to prevent the board from drifting away from the surfer in case of a fall or wipeout, ensuring that they don’t lose the board in the water. Additionally, the leash also safeguards the surfer’s safety and others in the water, preventing the board from becoming a loose and dangerous object.


Component Description
Wax Wax is a crucial product for increasing the grip of the surfboard to the soles of the feet. It usually consists of paraffin and bee resin, creating a grippy surface that prevents slipping during surfing.

To choose the ideal wax, it’s advisable to consider factors such as water temperature and the desired consistency. Reputed brands like Sticky Bumps and Sex Wax offer options for warm, medium, and cold waters, as well as different degrees of grip.
For better results, ensure to apply the wax in thin layers and create a scratching pattern to enhance grip. Also, remember to remove old wax and reapply when necessary to maintain ideal grip.
Try different brands and types of wax until you discover what suits you best, and make the most of your private surf lessons!

Neoprene Suits

Wearing a suitable neoprene suit is fundamental for surfing, providing comfort and thermal protection during the lessons. Here are some important details about neoprene suits:

  • Insulating material: Neoprene suits are made with a flexible and insulating material that helps retain body heat, keeping the surf practitioner warm in cold waters.
  • Different thicknesses: Neoprene suits are available in different thicknesses, usually from 2mm to 5mm, being thicker for colder waters and thinner for warmer climates.
  • Sealed seams: Neoprene suits with sealed seams are preferable as they prevent cold water entry, ensuring better thermal protection.
  • Models and sizes: It’s important to choose a neoprene suit model that fits well to the body and allows free movements. There are options for full-body neoprene suits (long john) and short-sleeved (short john).

When is the best time to take surfing lessons

When is the best time to take surfing lessons?

The best time to take surfing lessons reflects the region and weather conditions. Traditionally, Fall and Winter are pointed out as the best periods, as the waves tend to be bigger and more consistent. However, in certain regions, like in Lisbon, Spring can also provide good conditions for surfing. It’s crucial to check the weather forecast and sea conditions before scheduling the lessons.

What are the recommended beaches for private surf lessons?

The right choice of beaches for private surf lessons can be decisive for adequate and safe learning. Here are some suggested beaches for private surf lessons:

  • Costa da Caparica Beaches, in Lisbon: With consistent waves and good infrastructure, it’s a popular location for surfing lessons.
  • Carcavelos Beach, in Lisbon: Offers challenging and tubular waves, ideal for beginners and advanced surfers.
  • Supertubos Beach, in Peniche: Known for its tubular waves, it’s perfect for advanced surfing lessons.
  • Arrifana Beach, in Alentejo: With friendly waves, it’s an excellent option for beginners.

These beaches offer favorable conditions for private surf lessons, but always remember to check local conditions and count on the guidance of qualified instructors. With the right scenario and adequate guidance, you are on the right track to hone your surfing skills and enjoy to the fullest the unique experience that surfing provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can private surf lessons accelerate my learning?

With an instructor dedicated exclusively to you in private surf lessons, you will receive instant personalized guidance and corrections. This focused and personalized attention enables a faster evolution in learning surfing techniques, adjusting to your pace and level, making the experience more effective and safe.

2. How is the selection of teachers made for private surf lessons?

The selection of teachers for private lessons is meticulous, considering the experience, recognized certifications such as that of the Portuguese Surf Federation, and often training in related areas. Reviews from previous students, available online or in the surf schools themselves, are also a valuable resource for finding the ideal instructor for your needs.

3. Can I choose between surfing, bodyboarding, or stand up paddle in private lessons?

Yes, many surf schools provide private lessons in various water modalities. You can choose between surfing, bodyboarding, or stand up paddle (SUP) according to your preference, and count on a private instructor dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in the chosen modality.

4. Are private surf lessons suitable for all levels, from beginner to intermediate?

Absolutely! Private lessons are designed to cater to all skill levels. For beginners, the focus will be on initiation to surfing, while for intermediate-level surfers, refining techniques and progressing to more advanced maneuvers will be the focus.

5. Are there options for private surf lessons in locations like Costa da Caparica or Carcavelos?

Without a doubt, Costa da Caparica and Carcavelos are popular surfing destinations in Lisbon, with several surf schools offering private lessons. These localities are known for their favorable surfing conditions, allowing for an enriching learning experience.

6. How can I schedule a private surfing lesson and what are the average prices?

You can schedule your private surfing lesson online through the surf schools’ websites or by contacting them directly. Prices can vary, with private lessons generally being more expensive due to the individualized attention. Comparing prices and checking reviews can help make an informed choice.

7. What is the difference between learning with a surfing instructor at a surf school and opting for a private instructor?

While group lessons at a surf school offer a social and fun experience, private lessons provide personalized instruction focused on your specific needs, accelerating learning and refining techniques effectively. The choice between the two depends on your personal preferences, objectives, and budget.

Pedro Neves

Pedro is an experienced coach and manager of Caparica Surf Academy, one of the most recognised surf schools on the picturesque Costa da Caparica, Portugal. With a deep passion for the sea and surfing, Pedro is dedicated to teaching new generations of surfers, transmitting not only advanced surfing techniques but also respect and connection with the ocean.

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Let's Surf Together.

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